Gift a Flower Vase To Complete the Gift

Suppose you give a bouquet to your loved one. Now she wants to decorate with your memories. She needs a vase. Now giving a vase with a bouquet will be more beautiful. The experienced florist said that crystalline simple-designed vases are the best because simple things look more beautiful. So Navotas Flora is here to solve all your problems. Check out our collection of amazing designs on our website. You can have a bouquet with a vase to decorate your inside space.

Clear Vase


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Clear Vase

₱600.00 ( $ 11.64 )

₱790.00 ( $ 15.32 )

Glass Flower Vase as a Gift

Everyone desires to increase the indoor beauty of their house. That’s why there are so many showpieces available in the market. But you have to pick the finest one for you. Now the point is, which will be the most preferable for you? That is a Flower vase with a gorgeous flower bouquet. That is not only fit for you but also everyone.


You may have this kind of exclusive flower vase and flower together at a cut price. Well, you don’t require to consider. Because Navotas Flora is here to assist you in this case, you will explore the flower bouquet and vase on our website. So come to see our collection, which is within your purchasing power.

Happy Birthday Flower Vase Gift

Everyone tries to offer something new to their loved ones on their birthday. And most of us gift flower bouquets and chocolate, which is very familiar. So you have to offer something different. Now, the issue is what you will gift them. Well,  Navotas Flora is here to get rid of your tension. We are suggesting you offer a flower vase.


Because it is the kind of thing that everyone can use to trim their house, also you can add a flower bouquet that is not perishable. Don’t worry; this solution is also here. You can offer a fossilized flower bouquet with the flower vase. On our website, you will dig both at a very accurate price that you can afford.

Flower Vase Christmas Gift

You may wonder what you can give as a gift. Gifts are prevalent nowadays. Suppose you recognize that you will see that everyone offers chocolate and flower bouquets on this day. So try something untouched until now. Chill, Navotas Flora is at your side always to assist you in making your time more manageable. 


We advise you to offer a ceramic flower vase as a gift. Because many of us may think it looks awkward to offer a flower vase as a gift. But believe me, that is not like that. Nowhere is it written that you cannot provide flowers as a gift. You can give anything on this day. So obtain a flower vase from our website at low expenses.

Housewarming Gift Flower Vase

It is a joyful day for everyone to enter a new home. It is a special day for the new house owner. That’s why they celebrate the day. And invite everyone to their new home. So if you are invited, you can also carry a gift for them. Now, what will be the most acceptable gift for this day? 


We recommend you offer a flower vase to them because it is a very relevant gift. After all, they enter a new home. And they require something to trim their interior. In this issue, you can assist them by giving them a flower vase. It can aid them in enhancing their indoor beauty. So acquire a ceramic flower vase from us at a cheap cost.